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Bushbirdie - our brilliant local and Guardian top ten London blogger, tells the inspiring story of Philippa Berridge and the team at The Bush Festival
Philippa Berridge is (or should be) a local hero. She had the vision, the drive and energy to bring back The Bush Festival. Bushbirdie - W12's very own top London bloggers (the Guardian) went to meet Philippa to get the full wonderful story...
We love local blogger BushBirdie - she writes a lovely blog about love and life in the Bush. She's been very kind and written a lovely piece about us and we're chuffed to bits and couldn't help but pass it on. Thank you BB. wxxxxx
More and more digital resources are springing up to help us share our stuff - exciting times for those with a worry about excess consumption and a belief in community and thrift..
Drawing Workshops - a taster for the BNI Business Breakfast Team at Hammersmith
We're more interested in community, concerned about the planet, we know deep down that mass consumption didn't make us any happier. An interesting trend is emerging - Collaborative Consumerism - should have a local debate about it. What do you think?
This video (which YT will almost certainly take down soon) made me laugh so much I began to love the welsh. Hope you enjoy it as well. Thing is, can anyone in the borough beat it?
A confession from our window cleaner who is rather star-struck with his new customer.
The latest proposals by Transport for London to reduce the service to Kensington Olympia, are a throwback to the dark days of 1980.
Great events always spawn daft articles lampooning national stereotypes and why should this one be any different?! Enjoy a cut and paste of John Cleese and an overview of how Europe reacts to the terror alert.
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