Window cleaning so the stars can see the stars
18th May 2011
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This one really takes the bacon. 


We're proud to feature The London Window Cleaning Company on our website  - a brilliant outfit who have taken window cleaning to a whole new level  - with their state-of-the-art distilled hot water systems and long-reach equipment.


Their reputation has grown and grown and they are very proud (and very discrete) about the long list of celebrities who now get a clearer view thanks to TLWCC.


This week – things got even more interesting as the team were called to a new client’s house.  As soon as Yvonne in the office got the call everyone was crackling with excitement.


(This is the time of year when everyone wants their conservatory cleaning ready for the summer sun to come bursting out and show up all the streaks and stains that winter has left and this new customer wanted their expertise to clean her rather extensive conservatory windows.)


The team rashered off – h’am not joking – to meet their new patron.  I can reveal it was none other than Peppa Pig.  It would be rude to tell you quite where Peppa lives but I can reveal that now that she is the largest pork based export this country has, with a turnover just under £300m – the conservatory is a beautiful and rather large creation and takes some expert window cleaning and that’s just what it got.


Martin, the owner of TLWCC was a little star struck by the whole thing but he’s gamm’on if she wants their services again - no porkies.


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