Streetbank - New Community Sharing Website launches in London
17th June 2011
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Streetbank  - to use their own words "is a new website that allows you to see all that your neighbours are giving away or lending. It's a giant attic, garden shed, toolkit, fancy dress chest, library and DVD collection for you and anyone living within one mile of your home."


Yes, i'm back on my favourite topic de jour of collaborative consumption which seems to be taking off in a really big way.  Streetbank is just one of the new breed of sharing sites that are using the web to let us share our lives and possessions more and more.  It's all built on the fundamental of trust in other people based increasingly on our on-line reputations - soon to be if not already our most valuable asset.


Have a look at Streetbank - it's a London thing and as more people join the more it will help you in this area to access all kinds of stuff and services for little or nothing.


More on this topic in a few days as i continue to research it...Please let me know about anything you've found and thanks for all the notes about the last blog on CC - really helpful.





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