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Guildford  - Top tips to avoid neck and shoulder tension during exam periods

Are today’s teenagers more stressed than ever before?

One chiropractic clinic – Luck’s Yard in Milford Surrey – thinks they are.
Tone Tellefsen Hughes, is treating more and more teenagers who are coming up to GCSEs and A levels

shoulder tension, muscle ache and stiffness

A brief audio exercise to help to loosen tight and stressed shoulder muscles and bring them down from the ears....

Motion is lotion! - Back pain relief in Guildford

Great advice from the British Chiropractic Association on how to keep active and flexible what ever age.

Preventing back pain in children, Guildford, Luck's Yard Chiropractic Clinic

New research showing how carrying too heavy back packs may be associated with back pain in children.

Mood and food. Luck's Yard Clinic, Nutrition, Guildford

New research showing how food may alter you mood and mental state.

Guildford, Chiropractic, Sports injuries, Luck's Yard Clinic

Chiropractors at Luck's Yard Clinic, Milford, Surrey, working with athletes to help improve their sport and reduce injuries.

Mothers are amazing. Guildford event for mothers with Luck's Yard Clinic and Busy Lizzy

Mothers are amazing and Luck's Yard Clinic and Busy Lizzy have therefore teamed up to offer a special treat with a selection of taster sessions at the G-live on Tuesday the 20Th March from 2.20-4 pm

Are you accepting pain as normal. Luck's Yard Clinic, Guildford

Are you accepting pain as normal and living with headaches and back pain? At Luck's Yard we take pride in finding out what we can do to make your life more comfortable and pain free.

Luck's Yard Chirorpactic Clinic and local Guildford businesses support each other in the financial down turn

Several members of the group have used the “Train To Gain” programme as a source of further training and have also used their local “Business link” representatives for continual one-to-one feedback and support

Godalming Chiropractors, Luck’s Yard Chiropractic Clinic, has been awarded two prestigious quality marks

Here at Luck’s Yard, we pride ourselves on our excellent patient care and service and our warm and welcoming atmosphere.

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