You only have 1 second
27th October 2010
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What word do you think is the most important word for getting someone's attention?




No, it is simply the word "You". When you see the word "you", you think that you are being addressed, don't you?

Nowadays, we have so much information bombarding us online.  To get someone's attention you have literally the time that it takes them to read the headline, the Tweet or the email header.  If you don't get their attention in a nano second, they will never read the rest of your copy.

Remember that the audience is inherently selfish.  They will only read further if they know what is in it for them.  Or how it is relevant to them.

When you start using the word “you” when you write your focus moves to the audience.  You start thinking about the listener and their perspective.

You should always write with the reader in mind.

How better to gain rapport and engagement with the reader than to make them feel involved from the start?

If you would like to learn how to get attention very quickly with your writing, you will want to come along to the series of workshops that Tom Evans and I are running: You only have 1 second.


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