X FACTOR - who on earth is voting for John and Edward ?
16th November 2009
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With a persistance of the 'so called' majority public vote to ensure John and Edward remain on board despite their complete lack of vocal talent and an insistence of the panel to continually allow votes to go to the Dead Lock stage - how much more can we take ????

Do you feel cheated ?

It seems apparent that the entire country can see that Jedward (as they are called) are totally outclassed by the other contestants who all appear to be there because they deserve it - i.e. : they have exceptional singing voices and entertainment capabilities which have resulted in them being voted to the top.

Singing on some of the Jedward sessions is at time embarrassingly bad and whilst entertaining seems totally unfair on other deserving contestants whose dreams are pinned on the competition.

Why then, do talented singers get voted off in favour of this underserving pair ? If the votes are genuine, who on earth is paying for all the hundreds of votes which each week ensure Jedward's totally unjustified survival !

We'll never know who these voters are - why ? because whilst the votes are real enough I'm sure, the voters are not - they are simply paid employees of the network employed to tap in as many votes as possible - this is Vote rigging on a massive scale not seen since recent elections in Zimbabwe !!

Why ? because it make good television ! It makes silly fools like me who start to take the show just a little too seriously become all indignant and take it even more seriously - simple but clever !

I can't believe I am even writing this Blog - I am as big a sucker as all the rest of you out there who still feel that there is fair and natural process to this 'competition'!

Despite all of the above I am still glued to the set like many others on a Saturday night - I just need to get it through my thick skull that this is TV Rating's based money making entertainment exercise not, very definitely not, a sensibly contrived competition to reveal hidden singing talents.

any comments ???

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