X Factor in Guildford - Has Louis lost the plot?
11th October 2011
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Has Louis lost the plot?

In Guildford ? ... well apparently next year is a possibility.

If you ignore the fact that the whole show is totally contrived then perhaps you might feel that - but in fact Louis is just a small cog in a big (Cowell) wheel.

It beggars belief that even Louis would consider an aging chinese table dancer more suitable for Boot Camp than someone who actually has a voice, so why the crazy decisions?

Precisely because Louis' decisions incite a mixture of anger and annoyance from people like me, who make the mistake, if only for a moment, of taking this show seriously.

We all know that in terms of future success, whether a contestant wins or not is totally irelevant to them.

It is, at the end of the day a circus and let's not lose track of that - I'm not complaining, I enjoy watching - I just wish I did'nt get sucked in like everyone else!

Every year there is a 'Louis Walsh Freak' - last year's was Wagner - it works! We get upset and involved - the papers provide page after page of coverage and the well greased publicity machine that is Simon Cowell, laughs all the way to the bank!

One small point , I do think the existing panel without Cowell works far better than in previous years - full marks to Gary Barlow for not only carrying off Mr Nasty even better than Simon Cowell but for also portraying a more interesting and believable persona - he is after all a musician who has actually written and performed - Simon Cowell on the other hand hasn't, but clearly is a man with the midas touch when it comes to TV entertainment!

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