World Cup News - England v Mexico
25th May 2010
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England v Mexico - a 3-1 win on paper perhaps, but a lucky escape by any other measure.

England's performance in their first friendly before the start of the world cup was lack lustre to say the least, at times is looked like they were playing in slow motion against a much more active and aggressive Mexican team who throughout the game maintained almost 70 % possession of the ball.

It was like a great big plate of stew and dumplings against a spicy hot tortilla !

Crouch's second goal, would, had he been playing for the opposition been the source of fierce debate - should it have be allowed ?

After a rollicking in the changing room at half time from Capello, there seemed to be a little more urgency from the England team although there were a few more lucky escapes before the game ended at 3-1 to England.

The better team ?  Mexico by a mile and a half in my opinion , let's hope England step up to their task  on June 12th when we meet the USA in round one.

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