Will bank interest rates go up or down? speak to Kingston Mortgage Services
27th July 2010
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To fix or not to fix ? What should those of us (myself included) who don't really have a clue, do right now? - are the rates going up?, will they stay the same? ... who knows is my answer - as Jim Roan famously said when asked by a senior board what his forecast was for the next 10 years ... ' I can assure you that night will follow day and... that their will be 7 days in each week and ... that Christmas day will always be on the 25th December each year ... in other words, truth is, no-one knows so why can't they be honest and just say so instead of baffling us with B@@*sh*t and pretending that they have inside knowledge !

Latest report I read today states that rates will be pinned to the floor until 2014, yet the week before I was assured that they were going North and before the election many were predicting a rise to 4% before the end of this year !

Truth is we just don't know ! which is why it is refreshing to talk to Chris and Sarah at Kingston Mortgage services - they don't make crazy predictions nor do they try to entice you into a super duper fixed rate deal, they simply offer simple, unemotional, friendly advice so that you know that the mortgage you choose may not be the best one in 5 years time but that for now it is the best anyone could recommend to you and it's specifically based on your individual circumstances.

Chris and Sarah Poore are based in New Malden but despite their name, Kingston Mortgage Services Ltd, they have a large number of clients in the Guildford area and Sarah attends my Guildford BNI Group. I'm really impressed with their experience and their access to pretty much any deal going and would strongly recommend that you check them out if you are in the market.

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