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21st April 2011
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Training with weights will improve your fat burning potential - FACT.

By increasing your lean mass (muscle) your body will require more energy to function. Calories are a measure of energy, and because you will be burning more calories at rest, you will be burning more fat. Some studies have shown that for every pound of muscle you add by training weights for 2-3 times per week, could burn up to 50 calories more per day. A study by Bouchard 2009 showed that overall a 3 month resistance/weight training program had a greater effect than calorie restriction.

So with this information available why do women still refuse to do weight training? There are many reasons i hear. Here are some of the most common.

“I don’t want to bulk up”.

 That’s understandable, but that won’t happen unless you have a genetic problem or you’re planning to train twice a day at an extremely high intensity, with very heavy weights, and possibly the help of illegal performance enhancing supplements. Testosterone plays a major role in muscle building. Women have much smaller amounts of testosterone than men and therefore will not ‘bulk up’ through weight training. Our Instructors will tell you the correct repetition range and weight training exercises which will help you increase your lean mass and burn more fat. You will look toned and more defined.

“The weights area is intimidating”.

 The weights area can be intimidating and i can see why some women may think this. However trust me, a lot of guys in the free-weights area don’t have a clue what they are doing. Women are much more sensible and will ask for help or advice from a qualified instructor. Most men will just guess, or copy what their mate is doing. If you are intimidated by this area then you can take your dumbbells to an area where you can use a fitball. This will in fact be an even better way to train because it will help incorporate your core muscles.

“I don’t feel confident that i’m doing it right”.

Free weights exercises can be quite complex and if done wrong then could cause injury. At ActivZone gym our fully qualified instructors will design you your own exercise program, and teach you how to use any weights equipment with a safe and effective technique, so therefore there will be no need to worry.

We really want our customers to achieve their goals and educate people with the best training methods.

There are so many other reasons why weight training is beneficial to training, here are a few:

·         It will increase bone density and therefore reduce the risk of osteoporosis

·         It will reduce your risk of injury by not only increasing muscle strength but also connective tissue between the joints

·         It will reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes

·         Your attitude will improve as well as your resistance to depression


If you would like to know more about weight training please contact us at ActivZone Gym via email info@activzone.co.uk or by telephone 01483 448666

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