Why do I need to have a professional head shot taken?
20th April 2013
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A professionally-taken profile picture is really important in the internet age. Here’s why:

1. The internet can be very impersonal. We learn things by reading text instead of talking to people; we buy things with one click instead of bank notes and banter. A professional headshot of the person you’re dealing with can make transactions a lot more personal as well as helping you identify each other if and when you meet face to face.

2. Professional head shots show customers that you mean business. You’ll put your face on your website or social media page because you’re proud of what you do and you want your customers to know who they’re dealing with.

3. You show yourself you mean business. When you log into your website or Facebook page, you’ll see yourself in your professional role. You might be online at home in your pyjamas but seeing your professional head shot will remind you of your work responsibilities and get you in the right frame of mind.

4. A head shot taken by a professional photographer makes a good impression on future clients and customers. It shows them that you’re willing to make an investment in marketing your business. If you work as part of a team, have all their pictures at the same time to ensure consistent quality and appearance as well as creating a more stylish look for your web page.

If you need a professional head shot taking or the one you have needs updating, Ingrid Weel is holding a headshot event on 26 April. Call her on 07958 377764 to book yours!

Other photographers recommended by the Best of Guildford are Chris Cole of Barrett and Coe and Matt Pereira

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