Why a great hotel is good news for local businesses in Guildford
6th September 2010
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Why a great hotel is good news for local businesses

The fact is that your local hotel is far more than just a place to accommodate tourists because.... used correctly it can provide you with an extension of your office, a venue to entertain clients and staff, a great meeting place and even as a resource to attract new customers.

Most good hotels will have small meeting rooms available to hire for half a day, ideal for conducting interviews, staff appraisals and sales training away from the office environment where it is all too easy to be interrupted. You might be surprised at how much more focused you and your staff become without a telephone to answer or an email to reply to?

Your local hotel will also provide a place to relax after work, talk shop if you wish or just spend an hour or so in the lounge or bar shooting the breeze with colleagues catching up with what’s important to your team.

Next time a client is visiting why not suggest meeting at the hotel for a coffee before moving onto the office? It will give you an opportunity to meet on neutral territory and it will give the client a chance to freshen up after his journey, the parking will probably be easier than in the town centre and the client will appreciate your consideration.

What about the new customers? A decent sized hotel will probably have 50+ bedrooms and a thriving bar/restaurant trade, could you provide a service that this audience would use or is there some way that you could work with the hotel to attract more business?

The Mandolay Hotel on London Road in Guildford is just the sort of place to use, a great town centre location with friendly staff and a fabulous restaurant. 

Speak to your local hotel manager and get to know the staff; the effort will almost certainly be rewarded.

Good hotels are great for business.

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