Who will you put your money on for the World Cup ?
2nd June 2010
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According to Paddy Power, Odds on favorites are Spain at 4/1, closely followed by Brazil at 9/2, Argentina and England at 7/1 and then Holland at 10/1 and Italy at 14/1.

According to John Motson the team to watch are Brazil - they have won the world cup a record 5 times already and this year they could make it 6 - this year managed by their 1994 winning team captain Dunga, Brazil have some world class players, but suprisingly both  Ronaldinio and Ronaldo have not been included in the squad.

But what of England ?, as we all start to get our red and white flags out, do we really stand a chance ?

....well yes I think we do, the surprise omission has been Walcott, but then if you watched the Japan and Mexico games, you will perhaps agree with that decision.

On the upside, we have Rooney who when he is on form is a an unstoppable force - however, his temper could be his weak point - we also have the usual names, but notably, Lennon and Defoe  and  the new kid on the block Glenn Johnson.

We have a really strong team this time round and team is the operative word - Capello is perhaps the strongest manager since Sir Alf Ramsay, the manager who led us to victory in 1966 - can he repeat Ramsay's success in 2010 ?
The climate will suit us - cool, unlike last time and our team have been training at altitude to help acclimatisation - yes, I think we're in with a real chance.

What are your thoughts on the World Cup ? - do you think England stands a chance? - do you agree with the team or would you have picked someone else ?

have I got a clue what I'm talking about ?! ... Please comment !

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