Whittington's Chartered Accountants - Making Sense of the Numbers
15th October 2014
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Maths was never my strong subject at school and never balanced my checkbook. I throw all my receipts in an envelope and take them to the accountant (oh he loves that).

What if you have a business idea or indeed, one already up and running but you cannot make those books make sense? You could be paying too much or too little tax, missing out on credits or any number of pitfalls that only a chartered accountant would know. It could send your new venture down the pan and into the red all too quickly.

Martin Joseph and the team at Whittington's Chartered Accountants are there to help sort your life out. They can take the headache out the maths so that you can focus on the business at hand. No false economy here, it will probably the best thing you ever invested in towards making your company a success.



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