When it comes to gifts, style never goes out of fashion - Veritas, Guildford
1st September 2010
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When it comes to gifts, style never goes out of fashion

There’s one in every family, usually a Dad, Uncle or Grandfather that is universally accepted as ‘difficult to buy for’.

He’s the man that’s got everything so where do you start?

The quick answer is to consider a gift that looks good regardless of trends and if the gift is as useful as it is elegant then so much the better. Cufflinks are a classic statement of sartorial independence, a real opportunity to display personality in a formal setting.

From the traditional double oval perfect for carrying initials or a monogram to the quirky coffee bean shape a pair of cufflinks can provide a perfect gift for any gentleman.

For a long time the double cuff shirt has been the preserve of City workers, bankers and designers. Times are changing however and more and more men and women are favouring the ‘French Cuff’ if not for everyday wear then certainly as a regular alternative to the more casual single button cuff.

Amongst the companies responsible for the renaissance of the cufflink is Veritas Gifts based just outside Guildford. Veritas combine classic style with innovative design using Sterling Silver and stunning coloured enamel to create highly individual collections that currently grace some of the finest shirt sleeves in The UK, The Emirates and across Europe.

The cufflink is certainly back and it looks like it’s here to stay, the full range of Veritas designs together with an extensive range of beautiful leather accessories can be seen at www.veritasgifts.co.uk

Shopping for the man who has everything has never been easier.


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