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8th September 2011
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News released recently suggests Victoria Beckham has suffered a slipped disc, affecting her ability to hold newborn daughter Harper Seven. This comes as no surprise to the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) as recent market research found that, of those suffering from back pain, 19% find they are unable to lift, cuddle and play with their children. Back pain also affects other aspects of Brits’ quality of life.

The same survey revealed that the following daily tasks are also regularly affected by back pain:
Socialising with friends and family, going to work, housework DIY, sleeping, driving, exercise/sports/other physical activities. 

Back pain seems to be on a year-on-year rise, with more than half of the nation currently suffering. The Chirorpactors in the BCA wants Brits to look at preventing the problem, before it becomes detrimental to more peoples’ health and everyday lifestyle.
Tim Hutchful from the British Chiropractic Association, said: “The incidence of back pain is continuing to rise in the UK and back pain and poor posture continue to be the main culprits. It is important for people to seek appropriate help for their back pain and, according to the NICE Guidelines issued in May 2009, chiropractic treatment is one way that people receive help with their back pain – something which, according to reports, Victoria Beckham is doing”



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