Top Tips to Choosing a Wedding Venue
8th August 2012
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You're getting married. You've set the date. Now to choose the venue.But where?Surrey has some amazing places to get married. I should know, I've had the privilege of photographing weddings at quite a lot of them. The all have their own character and charm making it even harder for you to choose between them.If you're looking for something else to help you make your mind up, maybe these suggestions, from a wedding photographer's perspective might help...1 - The style of wedding photos you wantIf you want bright, high key, white, fluffy images then choosing a venue with dark, wood panelled walls might not be for you. Dark walls can look even darker when photographed with a beautiful white wedding dress. Especially if flash is required. Your photographer needs to know how to balance it with the ambient light to brighten the walls.On the other hand, if you want photos full of emotion and feeling this type of venue could be just for you. If that is the case, make sure your photographer has the skills to work in low light.2 - Space for group shotsAnother venue I've covered has simply stunning architecture but very little space in the grounds. The fence runs just a few yards in front of the building. There's no space for group shots meaning they need to be taken in the car park.3 - Consider the backgroundWith the signature wedding photograph it's background that adds the wow factor. It sets the context and makes the story. If that's your dream wedding picture, make sure you choose a venue that can deliver it.ConclusionThere's far more to a venue than meets the eye at first glance. It plays such an important role for your wedding. It's your home for the day. It's the key component for your future memories. There is so much more to a wedding venue than the menu and the cost per head.Gavin is one of Guildford's leading exclusive wedding photographers. More information about his flexible wedding coverage can be found here.]]>
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