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9th November 2013
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Most of us use a vehicle of some sort. A fairly simple machine, it has moving parts, an electrical system and a computer or two to make it all work. It relies on us feeding it the correct fuel  and fluids and we get it serviced regularly to prevent breakdown. As things wear out or break we buy replacement parts.

All of us have a complex machine - our body. It has moving parts, an electrical system and is controlled by a super-computer. It relies on us feeding it the correct fuel and fluids. We rarely get it checked instead we often wait for it to break down before we do anything about it. There are no replacement parts available off the shelf!

The average car cost about £10 per day to maintain - how much do you spend looking after your body? For some reason were happy to invest in looking after our cars but not our bodies - why is this? You can change your vehicle whenever you want. You only get one body and yet we're content with feeding it the incorrect fuel and fluids (the modern diet no longer contains sufficient nutrients - 98% of nutritionists take supplements - ask yourself why).  We let toxins build up and don't do anything about it - how often do you detox? You change the oil in your car because it gets contaminated with toxic products of combustion that don't get squirted out of the exhaust.  

Poor diet is the major cause of ill health and gut function is key. An inefficient gut means that what nutrients we do take don't get absorbed and therefore get ejected as waste.  In short even if we eat a great balanced diet it doesn't help you if your gut wont function properly - fix the gut and your body can start to regenerate itself and function correctly. There is a completely natural product, aloe vera, that works better on the body than any lab created product on the market. A scientific study has proved that aloe vera increases the bio-availabliity of certain vitamins by up to three times. 

The aloe vera market is a bit of a mine field and there is a lot of lower grade products out there.  Aloe vera takes 4 -  5 years to reach maturity / maximum potency and is dependent on the soil where it grows. You should always chose a product that guarantees the effectiveness of its products. The only way to do this is to control the whole process from plant to distribution. As a minimum the product should have the International Aloe Science Council seal of approval. The stabilisation process is also important, avoid whole leaf products as they have to be chemically filtered, don't have anything that hes been heat treated as the synergistic combination of goodness will be damaged. 

The list of ailments that aloe vera has shown to help is too long to put here (it works on animals too). It doesn't just work on the inside of the body - it's great on the outside too. I have a wealth of information that I'm happy to share - please ask.

Aloe vera - a completely natural product. Try the best - you might be pleasantly surprised!

You only get one body - look after it. Forever.


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