The seven biggest mistakes Guildford business owners make when hiring sales people
17th December 2012
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I have recently been contacted by several Guildford based companies who are looking to recruit sales people again. Its great to see more confidence in the air. They seem no different to business owners across the UK when it comes to making expensive mistakes recruiting sales people.

Hiring sales people can be a risky business, even for large companies with sophisticated recruitment processes, let alone a smaller business run by a business owner with no experience in sales management.

Whilst hiring a good sales person can be one of the best things you do for your business, it can equally turn out to be your biggest nightmare; an expensive mistake with lots of heartache. Here are the 7 of the biggest mistakes to avoid:

Mistake # 1 - Assuming all sales people can sell

Mistake # 2 - Recruiting a sales person to figure things out

Mistake # 3 - Hiring comission-only sales people

Mistake # 4 - Relying on interviewing skills alone

Mistake # 5 - Relying on a recruitiment agency

Mistake # 6 - Hiring a friend of a friend

Mistake # 7 - Giving up

For a full explanation of all 7 mistakes and my best tips on how to avoid them please click here


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