The real reason for soaring motor insurance costs in Guildford - Personal Injury Claims
13th April 2011
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The soaring coast of insurance is due to an epidemic of personal injury claims!

If you've had an accident recently you'll have been contacted at least once by a company offering you thousands of pounds and enticing you to claim for something that you don't really need to claim for - don't be fooled - it isn't a scam as such, it's all above board but by enticing you to claim money for something you would normally claim for (and in many case there is no real claim) far from doing you a favour they are simply pushing up the cost of your insurance!

You see, when it comes to insurance, there really isn't such a thing as a 'Free Lunch'.

So ... next time you ponder over whether to pursue a claim through one of these very persuasive outfits consider the fact that most 18 years olds are now un-insurable and most twenty years olds have seen a massive increase in their already expensive premiums - as usual the greed of a few is at the expense of the majority.

If you really are injured then of course claim but if it is a slight bruise or strain , then for heavens sake let it go because they only real beneficiaries are the ruthless companies that peddle the Personal Injury Claims business.

Despite having the lowest road accident rate in Europe, the UK has 4 times more claims for whip-lash every year than any other country in Europe! In the UK, the Personal Injury Claim is booming! and it's all at your expense.

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