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25th August 2010
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At the heart of most British homes, especially during winter, was the good old-fashioned fireplace. In fact, a roaring fire encased in a traditional fireplace has always been the main source of warmth and security ever since sticks were rubbed together to create fire. And whilst a proper fireplace will never take the place of a large flat screen TV - most of us confess to missing simply starring into a crackling fire on a cold winter's night!

With the advent of gas and fire... clean, convenient heating .. the open fireplace has gradually disappeared from our hearts and our minds, with many new build houses in the past few years lacking a fireplace altogether.

But... things are changing ... there has been a massive resurgence of interest in the traditional fireplace as a centre-piece in the living room, the only significant difference being that these fires are now for effect only and are either gas or electrically powered and the coals glimmering within are inevitably artificial. These new units are clean and require little or no ventilation. There is no need for any major building work but in the case of gas fires a proper flue does need to be installed.

Stove & Chimney Systems UK Ltd specialise in fireplaces. They have over 13 years experience installing anything from a simple flue or liner for a new coal effect fire to a full-on traditional fireplace or wood burner for burning real fuel.They can also repair and replace chimneys.

Stove & Chimney Systems are recommended on the best of guildford to guarantee you peace of mind.
You can contact them by clicking the links above or by calling them on 01932 506388.

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