The Mad Hatter in Guildford - Hats in all shapes and sizes and made to order
5th August 2010
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For those like me challenged by a distinct lack of hair (not bald quite yet!) the day that everyday hats come back in to fashion will be long over due.

How I wish we had the same love of hats as they did in the thirties and forties, how great  it would be  to pop a hat on everywhere I went.

Unfortunately, fashion dictates that it is not the norm to stroll down the high Street sporting a Panama or a Stetson however there are still plenty of people who wear various different hats for all sorts of reasons, all the more reason then to celebrate the fact that in Guildford we are lucky or have our own Milliner (A hat supplier in case you didn't know) who not only caters for every conceivable shape and type of hat but also make special hats to order.

The Mad Hatter is an exceptional shop and fulfills a growing requirement locally for hats - if you've never visited them , why not pop in and take a look - if you are planning a trip to Yorkshire perhaps you could by a flat cap to enable to to fit in a little with your surroundings, or Ladies, if you are going to a wedding or planning an appearance at Royal Ascot - make sure your visit the Mad Hatter.

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