The (low) cost of Interior Design when selling a house - World's End Interiors , Guildford
23rd August 2010
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The beauty of really good interiors designers is that when they practice their art (and it really is an art) the results can transform your humble abode into something truly spectacular just through informed and tasteful use of colors and materials. In fact some agents are adamant that a tastefully designed and decorated interior really is the difference between a speedy sale or a house that remains on the market for month after month without a sniff of an offer !

It does stagger me sometimes that people will commit to selling a £500K house but are unwilling to spend £5K hugely enhancing their chances of getting a speedy offer at the right price - you simply cannot put a price on the D factor!

Design + Decoration = Desirability

Worlds End Interiors based in Cobham near Guildford have been helping people transform their houses for several years. They are well established and with good connections in the trade so not only can they take good look at'the space' and then come back with an appropriate design based upon the age and style of the house coupled with of course your preferences, but they can also source all the materials quickly and cost-effectivelty.

It cost nothing to get an idea so why not contact Helen at Worlds End Interiors or call Helen on 0800 8799 599

In need of flooring or carpeting ?

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