The importance of having a decent profile picture when using social media
30th October 2010
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Commercial Photos .... they're FREE to bestofguildford members - we will arrange for a professional photographer to take some properly lit 'head and shoulder' shots against a white background for you to use on our site, in Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and your own site of course, in fact anywhere where you have a profile and need to diplay a picture of yourself.

Too many people these days are putting up hastily taken mobile phone photos or fuzzy snaps taken on holiday - what does that say about you and your business? not a lot !

Having a photo of yourself is a major advantage - it gives your prospective customer a chance to start getting toknow you and could be the difference between whether they take things further or not !

It really is a 'No Brainer'  - you need to have a proper profile image and you need it now!

Our photos are taken by Ingrid Weel Photography and new member to the best of guildford site and a business with 42 testimonials - Ingrid is a well known local photographer and can take corporate photographs as well as social events such as weddings etc. You can visit Ingrid's feature here. 

To get your photo shoot arranged contact me today.



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