The importance of Flooring and Carpets when selling your home - The Prestige Flooring Co for Flooring in Guildford
31st July 2010
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It's a known fact that the first thing people look at when they come to view your house is the floor ! In fact it's also true that the first thing that people look at when they meet you is your shoes - I don't know why this is, but it does support the theory that having decent flooring or carpet and having it squeeky clean is a big influencing factor when selling your house.

So if you are joining the market and you've got tatty carpet or worn out laminate - have a think about the common sense behind investing in some decent flooring - it could make all the difference to those all important first impressions which may decide your future. The big mistake that people usually make is to not spend money on preparing their home for sale - there is a lot of money at stake - surely it makes sense to invest a little to maximise your chances of success ?

Even if you're not selling, why not consider swapping that smelly old carpet for some modern laminate or engineered wooden flooring. Nowadays you can choose from an incredible range of styles, colours and materials by paying a visit to local flooring specialists The Prestige Flooring Co in Cobham near Guildford.

The Prestige Flooring Company are a recommended business on the best of guildford and as their name would suggest they really are a cut above your average flooring supplier - they also offer extremely competitive prices.

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