The Importance of a decent business coach - Brian Doubleday, ActionCoach Guildford
4th August 2010
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What's the first thing middle aged men in a senior management position do when they get their redundancy payment? ... they become a Business Coach.  
As a result it is understandable that many business people feel that Coaching is a bit of a scam, Business owners by definition are the type of people who do not take kindly to being told what to do with their own business, let alone paying for the privilege!

Of course there are Business Coaches that fit the common mis-conception above but there are also Coaches out there who have actually run a business for themselves and have also invested a significant amount of their own money in proper heavy duty training and as such are in a much better position than you, the business owner, to map out the profitable and expansive future of your business.

Business Coaching is all about results and if you do take the step of appointing your own coach (much like admitting you are an alcoholic!) the changes that your coach can encourage YOU to make to your business can be dramatic.

Business coaching can help you to develop your natural skills. It can teach you things about business that you don't know and will never know, it can't however give you the passion and determination, the drive that got you started in the first place - that has to come from YOU.

Action Coach is the biggest business coaching network in the whole world and it operates in pretty much every country - Business Coaches running an ActionCoach franchise do not take their role lightly, for starters they invest £60K + in their franshise, spend two intensive weeks training in the USA and they pay a hefty monthly fee for the benefit of being an Action Coach. Of course the level of aptitude varies as with any franchise -it is dependent on the franchisee, but Guildford Action Coach Brian Doubleday not only has first hand experience of running a large corporation of his own but also invests a great deal of time and effort in developing his own skills and depth of knowledge on an ongoing basis.

Several of our Best of Guildford members use Brian's services, so... if you are thinking of giving your business a proverbial 'kick up the arse' why not speak to Brian for a totally free and non-committal appraisal as to whether ActionCoach could set you on the path to big profits and rapid growth.

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