The Conservatory - A Room For All Seasons, Used For All Reasons
1st October 2014
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My Grandmother called it 'The Conservatory', our neighbours referred to it as the 'lean-to', we dubbed it 'The Giant Handbag'. My Grandad built it and was chuffed to bits with his efforts but realistically, it was leaky, cold and drafty. They only sat in it twice and it eventually became the 'chuck it' place for boots, junk and numerous cans of used cooking oil. (yes, do ask me..)


My conservatory was completely different. It faced west towards the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada and with its underfloor heating and independent thermostat, it was always warm and cozy even in sub-zero temperatures. The dogs and I had 180 degree views of sunsets and changing weather patterns while the wildlife passed through the garden. I would lay on the sofa gazing at the full moon - once, in the very early hours of the morning I was treated to a panorama of aurora borealis dancing across the sky. Summertime barbeques were always fun but when the marauding mosquitos made a meal of us we retired indoors with the windows open for the breeze - bug-screens closed for protection. Whether I was entertaining, relaxing or drying the laundry, I used that conservatory ALL the time!

Neighbours here in the UK have a modern timber-framed conservatory with a log-burner on the house wall incorporating a pizza oven above - they give the most wonderful parties! An artist friend vows the natural light in her Victorian beauty is essential for her work. So you see, a conservatory can and should be a room for all seasons and used for all reasons.

One of the TOP TEN ways to add substantial value to your home is the addition of a good conservatory. In fact, it can add around 7 - 11 percent, not bad if you are selling but if the structure is badly done it can significantly impact the value downwards. A thoughtful and intelligent design ensures the room flows and connects as a useable space year round. It needs to be well ventilated to avoid condensation, properly insulated to keep the warmth in, and energy efficient.The building cost should be appropriate to the market value of your house - don't go mad and spend twice the amount of your entire mortgage but if you live on the posh estate you may have to up the budget as prospective buyers will expect a higher spec. It makes sound financial sense to invest in the best - APS Home Improvements.

My TOP TEN reasons to use APS Home Improvements :

* Long established professionals - specialist experience

* Members of CERTASS & QANW

* Expert design & fitting

* 10 year minimum guarantee on work

* Public liability  of £5 million

* Current building regulations & planning dealt with correctly

* Online or home quote

* Up to 30% off standard conservatories

* Choice - York, Victorian, Edwardian or bespoke

* Meticulous attention to detail

I miss my conservatory terribly - when I am ready I will call APS to build my next one. Its best to call the best! 







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