That Handy Chap – odd jobs...and fundraising!
21st October 2013
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That Handy Chap, Adam Wade, has proved handy indeed to many people in the Guildford area, taking on all jobs large and small! He’s fixed leaky taps and assembled flat-pack furniture but he can also rise to the challenge of full scale decorating and property maintenance. He’s worked with homeowners, landlords, estate agents and business owners to deliver first class service every time. If there’s anything that needs doing (be honest, you know you’re never going to get round to it!), give Adam a call on 07957 876586 for a free estimate.

Not only does this mean an end to loose, rattly doorknobs (it’s only a matter of time before you get trapped forever!) but that Handy Chap is also raising money for an excellent cause. He is donating 5% of his business profits to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and hopes to increase this percentage very soon. The WWF does excellent work, safeguarding the natural world and fighting climate change – both responsibilities we all share.

To book that Handy Chap to finally get the landing wall painted (yes, I know visitors don’t go up there but it’s tatty as anything!) just give a call on 07957 876586 or 01252 444 375  or email

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