So how exactly is Bonfire Night celebrated? ... Fireworks in Guildford
5th October 2011
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So how exactly is Bonfire Night celebrated?

I bet you're response would be ‘fireworks’ or ‘get a few friends over and do some fireworks in the back garden’?

you'd be right BUT that is not exactly true……there’s more to it. As a matter of fact, whilst typically WE celebrate bonfire night on the 5th November , a lot of people don't

For instance, on Christmas Eve in Southern Louisiana, the Mississippi River is turned into a wattery runway with Bonfires all along the sides. Papa Noel (Santa Claus) moves along the river in a canoe dragged along by eight alligators…interesting huh?

In the Punjab region of India, Bonfires are used in the festival of Lohri to celebrate the good over evil!..Fascinating? I think so!

For local bonfires in the Guildford area
- follow these links:

Ripley Common- October 29th 

Stoke Park- November 5th

Cranleigh Common- November 5th

Farnham Park- November 5th

Woking Park- November 5th

Brockham Green- November 5th


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