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24th October 2011
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Hi Everyone

I hope you are well and have been enjoying the bright autumn days that we have been having.  During Autumn we can often find that our facial skin and body changes as a result of the changing weather and temperature. 

Often we find the products that we use on our skin or the treatments we have need to change as our body changes with the seasons. 

For example, I often find that my body skin becomes more dry and I begin to get more skin rashes and sensitivity being covered up in jumpers and coats.  My facial skin also becomes more sensitive and drier because of the cold, wind and rain. It is for this reason that I change the types of products I use in winter to keep my skin in the best condition. 

None of us want our facial skin to look dry, dull, red, aged or unhealthy in winter as we have lots of celebrating, festivals and social activities to attend - e.g Halloween, Hanukka, Bonfire night, Diwali, Sangha, Eid ul Adhu, Yule and Christmas just to mention a few. 

As I realise that a lot you may want some advice about skincare and body care I have created on my website a video body and facial skin advice system which will direct you to a series of online videos to find out about the charaterisitcs, products and treatments that can help improve your skin concerns. You will also receive some extra bonuses including discounts so it is well worth having a look.   

It is quite difficult talking into a webcam so I hope that you don't mind the naturalistic videos rather than over produced videos as the advice and content are worth having a look at.   

For the facial advice page click here: -

For the body advice page click here:-    

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