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17th October 2011
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Muscle aches may be the result of poor posture while sitting at the computer.  It can be the result of poor exercise or movement technique e.g lifting a heavy object incorrectly may result in muscle strain.   Muscle aches are a familiar symptom for someone who has the flu as well. Or they may be the result of medical conditions such as fibromyalgia, sports injury, myofascial pain syndrone, arthritis, carpal tunnnel syndrone, lupus, hypermobility syndrone - just to mention a few. 

Many of us may firstly consider popping a few pain pills may find fast relief,  but there are other ways to remedy muscle aches without the possibility of harming the immune system.

1. Soaking

Soaking in a tub of warm/warmer water for at least 15 - 20 minutes. The reason this helps is that the temperature of the water will help increase circulation and get the blood flowing around the inflamed area. I also love to add Decleor aroma de bain bath oil or even rub the sore area with Decleor circularome balm as it is great for massaging in the bath. 

Following the soak in the tub, gentle exercise for at least 10 minutes will help to reduce stiffness and lengthen muscles. This may consist of a walk or bike ride around the neighborhood or my favouite is to go to a pilates class or do some pilates rehab work at home. The combination of the hot water and exercise will increase the blood flow and ease the soreness.

2. Massage

Massage is a key remedy to ease muscle aches.  When considering a massage therapist look for someone who is professionally trained, insured, and it helps to ask how much experience they have.  I like to have massages with people who ask me what I want from the massage,  wants to work within by body's pain barriers and they understand how the body muscles interconnect so they know where to massage to release the pain.  I beleive that the therapist should recognise the discomfort their customer is in so will ease and work the muscles to reduce body pain.   

I have been having massages for years and worked as a massage therapist for over 17 years and have found that having had massages that have caused too much pain has made my muscles too sore and tense afterwards.  The whole "no pain, no gain approach" is not as effective as easing and working the muscles with the odd occasional discomfort rather than pain.  

You can experience some aching after a massage, a little bit like when you have gone to the gym - the reason for this is that the massage therapist is working the muscles for you.  Drinking plenty of water and avoiding alcohol for the day of the treatment and a couple of days afterwards will help the body purge the toxins released by the massage.    

Tension and stress can be a big cause of body stiffness and pain so the treatment should be done in a way to relax, ease and nurture a body back to health.  Most of my massages tend to start on the back, neck and shoulder area as this tends to be the first area that a person will notice muscle aches and pressure points.  I also like to use aromatherapy oils and balms as I find that customers feel more relaxed and therefore respond more quickly to the massage treatment. 

3. Rosemary

Rosemary essential oil can help remedy muscle aches. The herb has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce soreness in the muscle tissue and speed up the healing process as well. Just drop a couple of drops into a warm bath and have a relaxing soak.  Decleor Circularome Aromessence oil or Balm is also a fantastic product to use after exercise.  The lavender and black pepper essential oils will relax, and ease aching in muscles after exercise so you recover more quickly from your exercise routine.      

4. Pilates

Consider taking up pilates at the local gym. Pilates exercises help stretch tired and achy muscles and can help ease the inflammation associated with stress, tension and overworked muscles. Be sure the instructor is trained and certified. Any wrong moves may increase the muscle aches and cause more harm than good. Pilates encourages muscles to stretch,  strengthens the core muscles and assists your muscles to achieving a good posture . The exercises can also increase flexibility, concentration and strength which can be a positive result if those muscles are strained on a daily basis.

There are many different teachers and it takes time to learn pilates.  I have been doing pilates for about three years now (and I am a beginner).  It may take you a while to find some one that can work with your injuries to make a rehab pilates stretch programme for you but it is worth the effort.    

5. Sleep

Sleep is often over looked but rest is very important to helping ease muscle aches.  If we are stressed or overworked we struggle to sleep.  Sleep is when our body repairs itself - the muscles, the nerves, our skin, everything.  If we don't get enough sleep it will aid to the feeling of aches and pains. 

If you struggle with sleeping - why not try the Decleor aroma de bain bath oil or the relax shower gel and have a soak before bed time?  There are some sleep pillow mist products available that also help to induce sleep.  Remember don't work an hour before bed time or your mind will struggle to switch off.  Why not pop on a relaxing music CD or a guided meditation?  There are many available from New World Music .com or

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