Shellac Manicures - special offer from Azzinga in Guildford
27th April 2013
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We all try to keep ourselves looking lovely by dressing well, eating well and taking exercise...but so often our hands let our appearance down. Hang nails, chipped varnish or bitten nails all look awful and can spoil an otherwise perfect look.

Fortunately, Azzinga - the beautry treatment centre in the heart of Guildford - is making Shellac nails available to all of us. Shellac nails are simply painted on and can last for up to three weeks, never chipping or flaking off and completely hiding the nail underneath. They are also available in over forty colours and are suitable for finger and toe nails alike.

The icing on the cake is Azzinga's special offer for Best of Guildford customers. A set of Shellac nails would usually cost £40 but Azzinga is offering them for just £25 when you quote the code BestofGuildford.

To book your Shellac manicure or pedicure, give Azzinga a call on 0800 622 6080


19 Quarry Street


GU1 3UY 

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