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21st February 2013
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Your wedding is your day, and whilst there are very traditional groom outfits available to hire there are no rules to say you must wear a suit at all, apart from those all-important unbreakable ones laid down by your bride of course. A friend of mine got married in a smart suit rounded off with the battered trainers he’d travelled the world in.

But there’s no doubt that smart groom outfits will look good on the photographs, and you won’t regret it in 20 years when you show them to your kids - morning suits for example have been around for 100+ years and will be still looking sharp and smart for the next 100.

You’ll probably never wear a morning suit again, unless you’re invited to have breakfast with the Queen, so hiring from a suit hire business like Simon James is the sensible choice. They have a full range of groom outfits with all the accessories you’ll need to look the part.

By the way if you plan to hire a morning suit for a wedding in June then book early as many suit hire companies have high demand at this time from race-goers to Royal Ascot and the Derby.

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