Rid Yourself of Rodent Pests in Guildford with PGH Pest Control and Prevention
20th September 2011
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Rid Yourself of Rodent Pests with PGH Pest Control and Prevention 

Are you having a pest problems with Rats? Mice? Squirrels? Mink, Stoats, Weasels?!

Whatever the rodent these common pests can cause untold damage to businesses, homes, gardens, pets and people. 

Are any of these pests eating through your woodwork, food supply, containers and cherished personal belongings?  Are these rodents nesting near you , leaving droppings and spreading  disease where ever they go? Then you will know that these fury fiends cause destruction, and have even been known to start serious fires by gnawing through electrical wiring.


Business owners beware - these pests can cause serious damage to your stock and any evidence of rodents going untreated could see you closed down, especially if food is served on the premises.


Have no fear help is at hand with PGH Pest Control & Prevention


PGH Pest Control & Prevention will:


  •   Respond quickly to your call
  • Thoroughly Investigate to identify the problem, their location and their access points   
  • Set traps and bait safely and well away from pets and children 
  • Deal with the rodents safely, speedily and humanely Put in place effective preventive methods to help stop re-infestation
  • Provide you with professional records to show specifically which rodents have been found, how they have been dealt with and a date for a follow up check.



The peace of mind of knowing that your rodent pest problem is solved - that  your family, staff and customers are safe, and that you are meeting Government Health and Safety requirements is closer than you think,  with PGH Pest Control & Prevention.


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