21st November 2009
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You must have noticed that every time party food is mentioned people start talking about Cup Cakes !

Little cake Factory has been recommended and recently joined the Best of Guildford.

From her kitchen in the centre of Guildford Cath Embley lovingly prepares an irresistible range of cup cakes, all freshly made to order and delivered to your party.

Flavours include ... 'In need of chocolate' ...'Ooh lemony'  ... and 'Guildford Gold' - for a full list, take a look at Cath's feature on this site.

You can order directly off the Little Cake website - but be aware Little Cake Factory is closed from 26th November to the 1st December.

Do you fancy your own recipe being added to the list above ? Cath is always on the lookout for new and interesting recipe ideas, drop her a line and if your recipe is considered suitable, Cath will send you a whole batch of cup cakes as a special thank you.

Do you have any comments about this Blog - are you a secret cup cake eater ?

Visit Little Cake Factory's best of guildford feature here

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