Nutrition for weight loss
31st March 2011
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Nutrition for weight loss

When i discuss with people who are struggling to lose weight, their diet plans may seem healthy at first glance, the look closer and you can see why the weight loss has not happened. A typical example may be that someone eats for breakfast toast or cereal, lunch is a jacket potato and dinner a pasta dish. That doesn’t sound too bad but the key is in carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are used for energy and are found mostly in foods such as sweets, fruit,  fizzy drinks, bread pasta, rice, bran and cereals. Although used for energy it is not essential as the body can use fat and some protein for energy.

Refined carbohydrates such as white rice, white bread and white pasta as well as sweets and drinks can be broken down quickly for energy but at the same time burn out quickly meaning you will feel tired again very soon. Less refined carbohydrates such as brown rice, bread, pasta and oats will slowly release energy over a longer period meaning your mood and appetite will be more consistent throughout the day.

However, whilst carbohydrates provide energy, most people want to burn the fat and that’s where your carbohydrate intake needs to be considered. When you digest carbohydrates your insulin levels increase. Whilst your insulin levels increase, your body’s fat burning potential decreases. To reduce your body fat you need to be burning fat as your main energy source, and therefore control your insulin levels throughout the day.

A study done by Brehm, BJ 2003 states

“a very low carbohydrate diet is more effective than a low fat diet for short-term weight loss”

 This was followed up in 2006 when he completed a study comparing a low carbohydrate to a low fat diet. Forty women participated and the results showed that the low carbohydrate group lost more weight and body fat than the low fat group

At ActivZone gym in Guildford our Personal Trainers are qualified in designing nutritional plans which will give you the best nutrients to stay healthy, and at the same time ensure that you can lose the weight. If you would like more information about personal training at ActivZone Gym please contact us through our website via phone 01483 448666.


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