No time to blog? Blogging is very powerful acording to the Entrepreneur's Circle
5th July 2011
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We live in a world of witty or insightful 120 character tweets and short, sharp snippets on Facebook, So sometimes writing a more detailed and informative blog can seem daunting and time consuming. However this should NOT be the case.

There is no specific length for a blog, it can simply be a paragraph.  Providing the content is well structured, compelling and engaging, people will come back for more.

·        Failure to plan is planning to fail. Not every blog needs to be part of pre-planned series. But it is essential once you have chosen a topic to spend some time planning it, so it flows.

·        Choosing a compelling title is crucial to engage readers when they see your post in an RSS reader or search engine results page. The title draws the reader in, the content keeps them coming back for more

·        Getting your point across. The Internet is full of mindless ramblings, a great post needs to have a point. Write clearly in short sentences. No double speak or jargon; don’t make your readers have to think about what you are trying to say.

·        Call to action. Guiding readers to do something cements a post in their mind, helps them to apply it and establishes a deeper connection.

·        Quality control. Take the time to check for typos and grammatical errors.

·        Timing is everything. Strategic timing of posts can ensure the right people see it at the right time.

·        Follow-up. Don’t just leave it to chance, make sure your blog is seen by the right people. Then take that time to engage with these people, feedback may be positive or negative. Learn to respond firmly, but graciously, to negative comments.

Finally, remember the hardest part is starting, go for it!


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