New Years Resolutions
4th January 2010
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It's that time again ! The time when we squeeze into running shorts, dust off the juicer and invest in a month's supply of nicotine patches.

Remember - it's all in the mind !

All types of tricks and techniques can alter our behaviour, but it is temporary and doesn't achieve lasting change because .. it fails to deal with the root cause - that's why after two years, apparently,  there is no difference between people who have gone through Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and those who have not.

Take Smoking - 80% of people do it primarily to self-medicate depression and anxiety, using the cigarette as a type of anti-depressent or tranquilliser, but latest evidence shows that it's early childhood treatment, such as harsh parenting which causes adult emotional distress, not genes.

The solution apparently is ... Yoga, jogging and watching less TV ! But if you really want to get to the bottom of things a recent review shows that you can't beat exploring the far reaches of your mind on the psychoanalyst's couch.

How to eat and drink less - some simple tips 

1. Use smaller glasses - research shows that people tend to pour larger measures when using a larger glass

2. Place a mirror in your kitchen - research shows that seeing your own reflection makes people more conscious of their bodies and more likely to eat healthy food

3. Keep a food diary - becoming aware of what you eat on a daily basis gives you a realistic sense of consumption and helps you to break old habits.

happy new year !

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