Nagged, Tagged and Bagged - Divorce Recovery in Guildford
16th March 2011
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March 2011 – For those who have been through the divorce mill, the thought of recovery from all things legal and financial may come into focus all too sharply when the Decree Absolute (that’s the final paper needed in the divorce maze to you and me!) lands on your door mat.

The beginning of the end and the end of the divorce tunnel is finally being reached. This means that the world is going to become your oyster, rather than the barnacle that it may have been for many months. 

To consider this fantastic opportunity that all newbie divorcees have before them, leading financial advisor and qualified ‘divorce financial neutral’ expert, Keith Churchouse, prepares to release his latest book – Divorce Recovery - Nagged, Tagged and Bagged. (paperback & e-reader/£9.99) 21 March 2011).  "With over 240,000* individuals going through and finishing divorces in the courts of England and Wales every year (2008), it won’t take any newbie divorcee to know that they are not alone with their new marital status", says Keith. "Recovery is a vital stage in everyone’s new future. Planning and preparation are key drivers to success, navigating the Life Junctions that you will encounter in your exciting journey of recovery.”

Double divorcee and acclaimed financial expert, Keith Churchouse has written an authoritative, articulate and easy to read book that considers the options, emotions, processes and issues that need to be considered, or avoided, in achieving a successful recovery from the effects of divorce.    

A must-read book for anyone coming out of the divorce system and into their new future.


As the cover of this new book suggests, your ears may well still ringing from the nagging you received during your marriage or partnership. That’s one reason why you are now tagged with the label divorcee.

You’ve bagged up all your personal belongings, having negotiated any final division of the legal and financial stuff, for the time being anyway, and now it’s time to move on. 

The important question is ‘who are you now?’ A person of the past, crying over spilt milk, or are you ready for the challenge of reinvigorating and reinventing a new you?

Getting the process right will take patience and learning, with the odd mistake on the way. As Henry Ford of motorcar fame reportedly said ‘Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently’. This statement is true of the recovery stages most go through after the breakdown of a previous relationship and retrieve their lives in a new exciting and emotional beginning.

The vital question that this book considers is how to recover? Nagged, Tagged and Bagged looks at the recovery stages and the opportunities these bring.

Your future is a new universe, ready to create and investigate. It’s just a question of how you, with the help of this book, approach what could be the best part of your life.

As with most life stages and particularly divorce recovery, let’s explore!

Recovery from the effects of divorce is a very personal process, usually with much change and stress involved. This new book looks at the options and issues that need to be considered and highlights the potential pitfalls and ways to avoid getting it wrong to allow a truly positive outcome to be achieved.
From health, money, dating, sex and stress, everything that may touch your life as you progress is covered in this book. 


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