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14th June 2013
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The detox is based around aloe vera gel (drink), meal replacement shakes, supplements and most importantly food! It recommends at least 30 minutes exercise daily


It is endorsed by doctors as a sensible safe plan and is nutritionally sound thanks to it being developed by a nutritionalist.


This is my log:


2 June 2013

Well that's pretty much wrapped up day 1. No hunger pangs which is good news but probably had a touch of fluid retention. Peeing for England is an understatement. Note - if you are going to do this make sure you dont end up too far away from a loo!
Everything prepared for tomorrow - mustn't forget my aloe and shake in the fridge. I had the vanilla shake and it was lush :)

3 June 2013

Another day bites the dust - nearly - just got one more slug of aloe to go. Looking forward to my breakfast shake tomorrow. Feel great and told that I look great (can't see it myself - think they need glasses!!). I know that I have lost weight but I'm keeping the results secret until the morning of day 10.

4 June 2013

4 of 9 - that sounds kind of "Borg" - Day 4 of 9 of our detox commences - just about to hit they gym. Feeling awesome. I'm not giving anything away until day 10 but I stepped on the scales this morning and the results were......................truly amazing. Obviously I'm significantly skilled in toxing to be able to detox to such a degree!

5 June 2013

Another day bites the dust - tomorrow is half way. Grilled chicken on salad with spicy cous cous. D Lish - I'm loving this healthy food kick - I even love the aloe, makes you feel great and the increased amount seems to help my meds - noticably fewer off periods and they dont last as long when I get them. Business networking tomorrow - taking the C9 box along with me but full of bags of sugar to match the weight I've lost so far. Standby fellow networkers - you are going to be amazed!!


7 June 2013

Detox Day 5. A bit of a breeze. Didn't feel hungry at all despite missing my lunch shake. On the home straight now. Feeling great. Will I hit my target? Watch this space. Day 10 all will be revealed.

7 June 2013

D day 6. Brilliant. Full of energy. No daytime tiredness. Meds working better. 3 days to go. Loving simple food. Very pleased with results so far and a great kick start for my next target. Watch this space

9 June 2013

Detox D8 commences and I'm absolutely loving the results. Bags of energy, clothes looser, meds working better! Win win

9 June 2013

Detox D9 commences and its been a breeze. The effect so far is very visible - my belly is significantly flatter. Last day today. Full stats tomorrow.

11 June 2013

Well - you've all been waiting patiently but finally the detox results are in................
a) I feel fantastic both physically and mentally
b) I'm loving simple unprocessed food - went out for a charity curry last night and had CTM without the sauce and salad instead of a bhaji and rice.
c) Visible changes - well two notches on the belt in 9 days is really pleasing and very noticable
d) I've kept this until last as the weight loss is really a side effect. Go into your local supermarket with a hand basket and load in 6 standard bags of sugar - that's what I was permanently carrying 10 days ago. Just walk around for a bit and see how long it takes for your arm and hand to start hurting.
And finally a big apology to my body - I'm sorry it's taken so long to realise what a strain I've been putting you under. I'm doing something about it.

13 June 2013

Well the detox may be done but I'm not - a whole new attitude towards my body uploaded!!
Gravity wont keep me down!!


......... and finally - the picture of me - Sugar Daddy! I'm holding my total weight loss - can't believe that I used to carry that around 24/7.

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