Mercedes-Benz: 2nd most likely brand to be recommended in Guildford (and in the UK)
18th January 2012
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Kérastase, Mercedes-Benz and Apple's iPhone are the products that UK shoppers are most likely to recommend, new research has revealed.

Bain & Company, the consultancy, surveyed 6,000 people, asking how willing they would be to recommend any of 350 consumer brands they had direct experience with.

Kérastase, L'Oréal's haircare brand, led the charts on 80%, as calculated using the Net Promoter Score, which subtracts the number of "detractors" from the amount of advocates.

This system is based on a ten-point scale where totals of nine or ten points means customers would advise others to buy something, and ratings of six points and below suggest they are "detractors".

Mercedes-Benz, the German auto marque, claimed second position in the rankings with 66%, beating the iPhone, Apple's pioneering mobile handset, on 60%.


A great result for the Mercedes-Benz brand and proof of what a fantastic range of reliable, luxury vehicles are available from the brand.


For more information on the vehicles which are available and why Mercedes-Benz is so highly recommended, please call Mercedes-Benz of Guildford on 08432 183 248.

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