Martial Arts in Guildford - keep healthy and calm with Guildford Tai Chi
7th December 2010
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Martial arts whilst often portrayed as a highly effective and dangerous form of self-defence are represented in many different styles.

Tai Chi is a much slower martial art and ideal for people looking for a regular and healthy form of exercise but don't want to do aerobics.

Chi represents energy within the body and Tai Chi is all about controlling and using that energy in a focused and deliberate manner - it is a style of Kung Fu originating from the Shaolin monks and it is said that it started as a daily exercising ritual for the monks many, many years ago.

Tai Chi is one of the most beautiful Martial Arts performed. When done correctly, not only do participants feel at ease, so do all those that watch!

Guildford Tai Chi has been established for over three years and is run by Alex Swainson - it is the Guildford branch of the John Ding International Academy of Tai Chi Chuan (JDIATCC).

Why not consider joining Alex for a taste? you never know you might get hooked! It's definitely the route to a long, healthy and physically fit life!

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