Looking for a decent Coffee Shop in Guildford? - why not visit The Continental Cafe in Tunsgate Sqaue
5th August 2010
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Are you a habitual shopper ? Personally I like to get in and get out - I go with a purpose and once I've made my purchase I'm off - but my wife on the other hand, prefers to spend several hours in town and if there is somewhere conveninet and pleasant where she can rest her weary feet, have cup of coffee and scone or a light snack so much the better !


If you've not tried it yet, check out the Continental Cafe- it's a great location, even when it's raining, you are effectively sitting in the middle of Tunsgate surrounded by shops and plants and glass - it feels like you're outside!

The service and food are excellent, I've tried it myself and it make for a really convenient place right in the middle of town to take a breather and have a bite to eat.


Next time your out and about, don't drop when you shop, stop at the Continental Cafe, re-charge your batteries and get out therEw and do a whole lot more!


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