Local and Loved – one more day to go!
13th February 2014
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I don’t think I’ve ever seen rivalry between a theatre company and a shirt maker before...but there’s a first time for everything! With one day to go, the Best of Guildford Love-O-Meter looks like this:

3. BOO design

2. London Corporate Media

1. Finicky Shirts

The Guildford Fringe Theatre company has been knocked off the top spot but well done to Finicky Shirts for bouncing back to Number 1, aided by its adoring fans.

There’s still one day left, though. Twenty-four hours is a long time and anything can still happen. No one but Tom knows just how many pink cards are piled in his in-tray. And what about you? Got any you’ve been “just about to fill in” since last week? Or a massive pile from your own loved and loving clients that you need to drop round to the Best of Guildford office?

If you’re leaving a review for a lovely company, remember there’s a daily £100 prize so get voting now!

Good luck, everyone! Lots of love....

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