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1st September 2011
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Should we be concerned about the situation in Libya?

Concern should drive us into action and not into depression.  No man is free who cannot control himself.                                                                         

Pythagoras, Greek philosopher and mathematician, BC 580-500

We constantly expend huge amounts of time and energy worrying about all matter of things - global warming, cost of living, work issues, personal problems, looting thugs, riots etc. It’s important to make the distinction between what’s in our direct control (circle of influence) and what’s beyond our control (circle of concern).  That’s not to suggest we shouldn’t be concerned with these things, but simply worrying about them helps nobody, least of all ourselves, especially if we don’t actually do anything about it.

·       If it’s in your circle of influence, what can you do about it? Do it and stop worrying!

·       If it’s in your circle of concern, it’s beyond your influence, so stop worrying!

Free up your energy and focus into more productive avenues, and increase your effectiveness accordingly. 


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