Les Miserables
15th January 2013
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Well, what better an example of musical theatre affecting people’s emotions, than the latest spectacle, Les Miserables – The Movie?


Now, putting aside my own views on the film, one thing that I cannot deny is how involved the audience got with the movie. I was sitting there, surrounded by people gasping, jumping, clenching and sobbing as the story unravelled itself in front of their eyes.


This is why I love performing in and producing theatre. I am so glad that I went to sit in a packed cinema, if for no other reason to remind me of that. What other medium can capture someone’s heart more?  It was a privilege to see a musical that I know extremely well brought to a mass of people and evoke the emotions that they were swept up in.


I know this was a movie version of the show, but it was still a musical and therefore it was still the music and lyrics that sucked one up into the characters story.


This is what I am promising to bring to Guildford, in a less elaborate way, but giving you experiences that will captivate your emotions and leave you feeling as though you were part of the production.


We shouldn’t be embarrassed about getting caught up in a piece of theatre, we shouldn’t (and believe me this audience didn’t) be thinking “what do I look like crying?” because this opens us up to feelings and emotions without actually having to experience them in our own lives. This is healthy in my opinion and dare I say it, good for us. We then go home, back to our jobs, discuss these feelings with our friends, create joint interests, learn something about each other and maybe next time we see something we have the chance to share these experiences with them, directly.


So what I would say is, make the most of these things, big and small. Go and see what’s on at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre www.yvonne-arnaud.co.uk , Check out your local drama school productions, GSA -  http://gsauk.org/ PPA -  www.ppacademy.co.uk and most importantly (!) come and see what the newest addition to Guildford’s theatre scene is doing.


To find out firsthand what Guildford Fringe theatre Company are going to be enthralling you with next you can sign up here http://eepurl.com/pCTDP or like us on facebook www.facebook.com/guildfordfringe


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