Laser Eye Open days with Optegra
7th April 2011
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If you are fed up with the expense and limitations of glasses and contact lenses and yet are still unsure about laser eye treatment, why not attend one of the informal  Open days at Optegra eye Care, Guildford?

There you have  will be plenty of opportunity to chat with their skilled teams of ophthalmologists and eye care surgeons, before sitting down to hear all about Optegra, their hospital and available procedures. There you will be able to ask any questions or raise any concerns that you may have. Open days include a complete guided tour of our hospital, consultation and treatment rooms and finally their recovery suite.

Optegra believe that the more you see and understand, the less daunting Laser Eye surgery will be. There is also no pressure to arrange a consultation there and then, and realise that many visitors prefer to talk through the procedure with family and friends.

For more information or to book onto an open day just follow the link.


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