Kitchens in guildford - having a decent kitchen can make all the difference when selling your house
7th December 2010
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How many of us appreciate the importance of having a decent kitchen in our homes these days?

An unnecessary extravagance in the eyes of some people perhaps but let's be honest, the kitchen is where we spend most out time, it's a place to eat, a place to talk and a place to meet - in many modern open plan households, the kitchen is the most used room in the house - it most certainly is in mine !

A clean, modern up-to-date kitchen not only enhances your personal experience at home but it is a huge factor in making your home more desirable and therefore sellable if you are in that market - my wife works for an estate agents and in her view the kitchen area, more often than not is the real deal-breaker.

When you think Kitchens, don't think expense - think sensible investment and potential returns if you are selling.

Saffron Interiors specialise in supplying and fitting high quality kitchens at extremely competitive prices and as a featured bestof guildford member, their work come highly recommended by other local people - why not give them a call for a free estimate to bring your house into the 20th century and....... to increase it's value!

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