Keeping warm with Alan Paine knitwear
6th December 2010
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Blimey - it's amazing how quickly the cold sets in. Thank goodness for shops like the Alan Paine Outlet Store in Godalming that sell such great quality knitwear - but at factory prices.

We are all so used to central heating that when winter comes along, you sling on a light coat and suddenly it's a shock to discover it really IS cold out there!  A dinky little scarf isn't going to keep minus 7 at bay!

Which is why choosing quality knitwear gifts is so perfect for Christmas - everyone will love you for the thought and the practical use they'll get.

Of course though, you don't want one of those Bridget Jones jumpers with the snowman on the front - classic knitwear is the perfect thing. It will last year in and year out.

Godalming's Alan Paine Outlet Store is one of those hidden gems - linked historically to Godalming, the home of Alan Paine Knitwear since 1907. the factory shop still operates there with prices on main items at just over half you'd pay in a 'proper' shop.

Don't miss out on this great little find - Brighton Road in Godalming.


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