Keep Fit and Lose Weight at ActivZone Gym in Guildford
29th July 2010
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It's never too late to change your habits, ... YOU CAN TEACH AN OLD DOG NEW TRICKS !  As a population we are living longer and longer as our lifestyle (despite what you read in Daily Mail) become healthier and healthier and doctors become more clever ! By establishing a new and healthy lifestyle now, you will reap the benefits further down the line when you are old but perhaps not so frail.

ACTIVZONE GYM in Guildford is more than just a 'Gym' - they are a sociable Gym with a whole lost of additional and personal benefits including advise and help with diet and healthy exercise routines designed to make your body function like a well oiled machine !

Find out about the 'LOSE 6 INCHES IN 6 WEEKS' diet plan - understand BMI (Body Mass Index) and how it effects you - try ACTIVZONE out for nothing by taking advantage of their special offer - click here.

Fancy treating yourself after a week at the Gym ?

How about a nice massage or a facial ?

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